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How to Buy a Melodica

If you're new to the world of melodicas and looking for your first one, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many different types of melodicas to choose from it can be overwhelming. The first thing you'll want to do is decide what specifically you'll be using the melodica for. Is it for learning music in general, playing for fun as a hobby or playing it in a band. For learning or just playing for fun, quality will be less of an issue but it's not something to ignore either.

For most people who are just starting out the best option is to look for an entry level melodica from a well known brand. The biggest mistake many people make is buying the cheapest melodica they can find regardless of the quality. Usually they regret this decision as later on they're stuck with an inferior instrument with problems. There are a few things to look into before purchasing a melodica.

Consider things like keyboard action, which is how the keys respond when you press down on them. Many cheaper melodicas will have a lighter and inconsistent feel across the keyboard, while a higher quality melodica will have a weightier more solid feel to all the keys. It's also fairly common for lower end melodicas to have some issues with tuning. Often some keys are tuned to pitch while others are flat or sharp. There are some good quality budget melodicas out there, just make sure you're buying from a well known brand and read the reviews.

Types of Melodicas

The next thing to figure out is what kind of melodica you want. There are 5 basic types of melodicas to consider: Soprano, alto, tenor, bass and the accordina. The most common types are the soprano, alto and tenor melodicas. The soprano melodica is the highest pitched and the alto melodica is slightly lower pitched with both melodicas usually played with two hands on the keys. Very often the alto melodica can also play in the soprano range. The tenor is even lower pitched and normally played with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand holding the melodica. The rarest type is the bass melodica which is the lowest pitched for playing bass notes. These melodicas are the largest and usually the most expensive. Sometimes the tenor and bass melodicas are played on a table or stand with an air tube, so the player can use two hands on the keyboard. The accordina is just like other melodicas except that instead of a keyboard it uses buttons to play notes. They are often called melodicas as well.

If you're planning on playing the melodica in a band or performing solo then you are going to need an intermediate level instrument at the very least. Remember that this instrument is not only going to have to sound good but also be sturdy enough to handle the rigors of the road night after night. Make sure you get a good quality carrying case for the melodica to keep it safe for transporting.

While there is nothing wrong with looking for the best deal, make sure you choose a trusted brand with good reviews. Don't rush into your purchase, look around and give yourself a few days to find the right one. A good rule of thumb is to look for the best melodica you can afford. There's no sense in saving a few bucks and getting an inferior melodica that you're not happy with, so find the one you really want and then shop around for the best price.

In Conclusion:

  • Decide what you will be using the melodica for. (Learning, hobby, playing in a band.)
  • Decide what type of melodica you want to play.
  • Figure out your budget and look for the best melodica you can afford.
  • Choose a well known brand and read the reviews.
  • Don't rush into your purchase, take your time and get the melodica you want.

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