What is a melodica?

The melodica is a free-reed instrument that is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece and pressing on either a keyboard or buttons to create notes. They are usually made of plastic however there are wood and metal melodicas.

Is the melodica hard to play?

The melodica is not hard to play at all, however like any musical instrument it takes practice and patience, but the payoff is well worth the work.

What types of melodicas are there?

There are a few basic types of melodicas:

  • Soprano and alto melodicas: Higher pitched, usualy played with both hands.
  • Tenor melodicas: Lower pitched and usually played with one hand on the keyboard the other on a handle.
  • Bass melodicas: The lowest pitched for playing bass notes.
  • The Accordina: Usually made of metal with buttons instead of a keyboard.

Are they expensive?

Not at all. Most melodicas are very affordiable and are easy to take care of. There are more expsensive melodicas for advanced players, and very reasonably priced ones for those just starting out.

What kind of melodicas do you sell?

We sell all kinds of melodicas and melodica accessories. Whether you're a beginner that needs an inexpensive melodica and learning guides or you're more advanced and need a top end melodica, we can offer it.


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